The story of Smart Phones and Social Media

Smart-phones with their capability of installing customized apps are more popular than older multimedia or featured phones. People tend to choose smart-devices due to:

Social media is targeting this addiction of smart-phones by introducing their apps for different mobile platforms. Strategic deployment of mobile application development is integrating social media addiction with smart-phones and has been profiting both the sectors. Social media is taking its step towards smart-phones so as to allow users to connect with them all the time and improve their statistics. Even the mobile market has sensed this need and hence many mobile manufacturers are coming up with new mobile devices which either have a single push-button based devices to access social media or widget based phones, which embeds social media apps.

According to a report published by ComScore in March 2012, customer engagement on social media platform, Facebook, through a smart-device was more than 7 hours a day as compared to 6 hours from a desktop device. Likewise, Twitter account holders connects with their account for about 2 Hours a day, while the duration for same account was 20 min. approx from a desktop or laptop.

While trying to tailor your brand image socially to your customers, you need to be active on the various social media platforms all 24 hours of the day. This is one of the best ways today to get your customers hooked on to your brand. In this article we are going to discuss how social media has benefitted small and big businesses in reaching out to their customers.

Marketing and promotion today has achieved an all new definition owing to the enormous popularity of the different social media platforms. Earlier, what meant a simple technique of promotion; today has gone totally digitalized. Nothing today can avoid the strong glare of those millions of people who are active all day on different social networking sites.

Earlier social media was an afterthought for most businesses. However, if we look at the current scenario, getting things right on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can absolutely transform your business. If you are ready to use the medium of social media for your marketing and promotional needs, then you will obviously be looking for ways to use the various social media platforms.

A PR agency that has experience in working for Tower Bridge PR can help you with all the marketing and promotional aspects of social media. It is not at all a time consuming or complicated process. In fact, it takes the least amount of time to reach your prospect with just the click of a mouse. The PR agency that you choose for your brand gives your consumers a reason to spend time with you online. After all, if people are busy connecting with each other and talking to their friends and relatives on social media then they should have a valid reason to show interest on you.

When you try to engage with your audience on social media then you need to do everything to build relations with your customers on the web. A big brand cannot reply to all the tweets from their fans and followers and no matter how small or big your organization is, you too cannot. It goes true for every brand that if you love your customers, they will love you in return. Therefore, treating every interaction on an individual basis is very important.

Also, do not be afraid to follow what big brands like Vision Aid Overseas are doing in the social media forum. Your business might be bigger or smaller and you might be engaged in a similar business or in a totally different one, following giant brands helps a great deal to stay in the competition. Working as a team with your PR agency makes you stronger as well. The strategies that these agencies formulate for you are the ones that can make you the king of social media marketing.

Apart from taking the help of your public relation agency, you can attend the seminars organized by Google from time to time in order to give a boost to your online reach. In these seminars you can get hands on demonstrations and advice and these are free to attend most of the times. Therefore, with social media becoming inseparable parts of our lives and businesses, we cannot overlook it in any way. They are important and will become more important in the coming days.

SoFree Web Content, make the most of the opportunities you have today by making your presence felt online with the help of your PR agency.

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