5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site

Something you can never ever have too much of online is website traffic. If you’re searching for ways to drive more visitors to your website, try these traffic producing ideas …
TRAFFIC POINTER # 1: Develop A Number Of Pages Focused On Particular Keywords
Search Engine specialists do not advise utilizing external entrance or gateway pages, because websites are being penalized for having duplicate pages. Rather, develop a number of web pages on your site, each of which is concentrated on a different keyword or crucial phrase. For instance, instead of listing all your services on a single web page, attempt establishing a separate one for each. These pages will rank higher for their keywords considering that they contain targeted rather than general content. And since very few individuals are doing this yet you’ll discover it’s possible to get several top 10 rankings.
TRAFFIC POINTER # 2: Pay Super Affiliates To Promote Your Website
Hand choice web designers with popular sites or list owners with large, responsive lists and use them $100 just for signing up for your affiliate program and promoting your link. With this technique you’ll absolutely get their attention and ensure that you sign up real affiliates who will actively promote your product or services. Even just 3 or 4 of these affiliates can cause a substantial increase in your site’s traffic (and your sales!).
TRAFFIC TIP # 3: Hand Out Your Product And Services To Influential People
In every target market there is a group of people who are the “influencers”. They’re the ones who like to try new products and are extremely outspoken when they find something they like. The best method to reach these people is to start a word of mouth marketing campaign. Do this by distributing early versions of your service or product to the influencers in your market and motivate them to get the word out to everybody they understand.
TRAFFIC SUGGESTION # 4: Create An Advergame Particular To Your Site
Advergames are little online video games designed to drive traffic to your site based on their home entertainment value. As their name recommends their purpose is to market your site, services or product in an enjoyable method. If you design one that ends up being popular it can develop a significant quantity of traffic to your website. Maximize this by requiring people to provide their name and e-mail address before they can play so that you can follow up with them later on. The finest part is if your game is fun and distinct individuals will tell everyone they know. What a terrific viral strategy!
TRAFFIC POINTER # 5: Do A Direct-mail Advertising Project Using Postcards
Postcards have become a preferred marketing approach of online marketers because they’re easy to design, low-cost and they often get read. The included reward is that not just does the recipient read it but frequently so do several other individuals along the method. To get started with a postcard campaign utilize your existing customer list and send them a special deal. Another alternative is to find somebody with a list and ask if you can pay them per postcard to send your deal. Or, discover a reliable list business and buy a list of prospective consumers. Remember though, like all marketing you can’t send out one card and anticipate a flood of orders. Create a project that consists of a minimum of 3 cards to get the optimum benefit.

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